Tax Increment Financing Districts

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This dashboard displays information about Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts in Chicago. A TIF District is an area of Chicago in which a portion of property taxes from the District are reserved for redevelopment projects within the District. The Chicago Department of Planning and Development provides a detailed description of the TIF Program. This dashboard focuses on annual end-of-year fund balances and does not include data on TIF District revenues and expenditures.

Data Sources: Chicago Data Portal. The Data Portal provides a dataset covering all TIF Districts from 2017 and later. Data for earlier years can be found in Annual Reports for individual TIF Districts, but not in a compiled dataset. Only data from the compiled dataset covering 2017 and later are displayed here. Data on TIF Districts is reported and updated on an annual basis. When a TIF District has no data for a year, it means the TIF District either ended before or began after that year. Information about individual TIF Districts includes their designation years and expiration years.

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