Map: Complaints/Notifications by Ward


This dashboard is an interactive map that visualizes where Chicago Police Department officer complaints and notifications have occurred by ward and beat. The complaint and notification information can be viewed by ward, beat, citizen’s race, and officer’s race. Note that all complaints and notifications are assigned a log number. The aggregated data in this dashboard is based on a count of log numbers. In 2012, Mayor Emmanuel consolidated police districts which resulted in the closure of Districts 13, 21, and 23. The table and charts shows only current beats and districts.

Data Sources: Chicago Police Department databases and Chicago Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (ChIPPS). Records begin January 1, 2007 and the data is typically refreshed daily between 4PM and 11:59PM CST. Data is current through the date of last update (listed at the top of the dashboard).

Complaints initiated on or after February 11th are not included. Complaints prior to February 11th will continue to be updated.