Sworn CPD Members

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This set of dashboards displays an overview of demographics, Title, and Assignment for Chicago Police Department (CPD) active sworn members and in which Unit they are working. For dashboards showing units, the dashboards display members who are either assigned or detailed to that unit. That is, if members have only a permanent assignment, they are shown in the unit in which they are assigned. If members have been detailed out of their permanent assignment to a different unit, they are shown in the unit to which they have been detailed.

Data Sources: CPD databases and Chicago Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (ChIPPS). Records begin August 2017 and the data is refreshed during the first week of each month. Data is current through the date of last update (listed at the top of the dashboards). In 2012, certain CPD Districts were consolidated which resulted in the closing of Districts 13, 21, and 23.