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This dashboard displays information on closed complaints and notifications filed against Chicago Police Department (CPDsworn members since February 11, 2019. Records prior to February 11, 2019 can be accessed by selecting the search legacy records option on the dashboard. The information in this dashboard includes complaints and notifications filed against members who were sworn, or previously sworn, but may not have been sworn at the time of the complaint. Complaints and notifications filed against members who resigned and/or retired before 2007 are not included. Complaints and notifications considered to be ongoing or confidential are not included. Only recommended finding and penalty decisions are included in this dashboard.

Data Sources: CPD databases and Chicago Integrated Personnel and Payroll System (CHIPPS). The data is typically refreshed daily between 4:00PM and 11:59PM CST. Data is current through the date of last update (listed in the top right corner of the dashboards).