Chicago TIF Districts

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This set of dashboards displays information about Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Districts in Chicago. The dashboards support an OIG Audit Report regarding the city’s TIF data and practices. A TIF District is an area of Chicago in which a portion of property taxes from the District are reserved for redevelopment projects within the District. The Chicago Department of Planning and Development provides a detailed description of the TIF Program. The Cook County Clerk provides a variety of informational resources about TIF funds.

Data Sources: Chicago Data Portal. The Data Portal provides a dataset covering all TIF Districts from 2017 and later. Data for earlier years can be found in Annual Reports for individual TIF Districts, but not in a compiled dataset. Only data from the compiled dataset covering 2017 and later are displayed here. Data on TIF Districts is reported and updated on an annual basis. When a TIF District has no data for a year, it means the TIF District either ended before or began after that year. Information about individual TIF Districts includes their designation years and expiration years. OIG is in the process of updating the dashboards to incorporate new US Census data, new boundaries for Chicago wards, and new aldermanic information for Chicago wards.